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Post by jackskepticeye on Tue Nov 24, 2015 8:19 pm
(Laci Green's moronic video about how "selfie shaming" is sexist)

Not everyone is losing there minds about selfies. The narcissistic Internet trend where you take pictures of yourself. Now don't get me wrong I jackskepticeye am a narcissist. "Self obsessed". Who honestly isn't. I've taken a lot of selfies, but it doesn't matter. If someone who is truly not narcissistic they should have the right to make fun of others who perform the incredible narcissistic act of selfie shaming... Shouldn't they? I've taken selfies before but if some guy tried to make fun of me? I wouldn't give a damn. Nor should I. But it's not just making fun of narcissistic people it's SEXISM. Gag me with a spoon, you know girls take more selfies then guys but a guy will still get shamed. This isn't a patriarchy where boys and men teamup to oppress women. So I agree the words "vain, superficial, vapid" are certainly being used to shame selfie takers. But that's because it's true. WHAT IDIOT THINKS THAT ITS NOT VAIN, SUPERFICIAL, OR VAPID TO TAKE SELFIES??? You've got to be joking me lol!. I'm pretty sure everyone on this site knows this, so I'm not going to go into why this statement is idiotic. With the "well-documented" phenomenon of this texting thing... People value humbleness, people don't like "vain" jerks. OH LOOK IT SEEMS LIKE KNOWING YOUR GOOD LOOKS AND THEN SAYING THAT OUT LOUD IS VAIN! God damn (not that we believe in god here at Skeptics United). You know women don't have to wear makeup, if you think that these markets only exist because of womens self hatred... Why are you wearing makeup? If you take a selfie and post it to the internet you're letting other people define you in their heads. Are you saying that looks mean more then actual actions??? Also the use of makeup and filters does not pave the way to more authenticity and transparency with each other.

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