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Brittany Venti

Post by jackskepticeye on Sun Nov 29, 2015 11:50 pm

Somebody call the basic bitch cleanup crew. Brittany Venti is a streamer who "just wants to drink her Starbucks". It is widely believed that she is a troll solely based on the fact that she is the stupidest person on the internet. Almost as stupid as Brett Keene.

She is commonly known for her battles with 4chan's army of trolls. Who are attacking her with memes. Usually the "Ddududud song, the other Ddududud song, and the hisssssss meme". She also calls 4chan "channel 4" based on ignorance it doesn't mean anything.

Britanny makes sure that there are no triangulars around, because that's some x-files shit. She is angry that the illuminati created these "triangulars", and wants it to stop. The 4chan trolls have photoshopped pictures of her near triangulars. In response to most of these pictures Brittany either claims they are fake, or cries about the triangulars.

She also claims that drug dependant supermodel Marilyn Monroe was an independant women.

Some people think that Marilyn Monroe was a member of the evil triangular illuminati. lol!

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