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Brett Keane

Post by jackskepticeye on Mon Nov 30, 2015 2:33 pm

Brett Keane is an infamous individual situation who gets what he wants in life by e-begging for it on the Internet. Brett has gotten into some individual situations with our leader and God "jackskepticeye". Brett Keane got involved in this situation when he put out his own phone number. Idiot.... Idiot... He either blocked me or disconnected his landline if you want to call him (636-525-1290). He is secretly a purple manatee.

Brett Keane is most known for tangling with the individuals who run that Drunken Peasants Podcast situation. He called TJ a scammer because his father ran a fake diploma mill. He then said "like father like son". He has in the past said his father is a deadbeat, but then said he wasn't a deadbeat.... That is flawed logic.

"Stop attacking my family!"
— Brett Keane's infamously sexy catchphrase situation.

Brett Keanes family is constantly beat and harassed by Internet atheists who don't like Brett Keane. Brett Keane has a wife DOOOORRRNNNN, a young boy, and a water-headed idiot daughter. He sent himself an email where he called his daughter who has water in her head, a water headed idiot. He then claimed someone sent it to him.

• Brett Keane doesn't know what a manatee is.
• Brett Keanes nicknames include: "bread queen, butt king, and the stallion" he used to call himself the stallion.
• Even though Brett is a creationist situation he is the worlds strongest proof for evolution... For he is the missing link between humans and manatees. OH THE HUMANATEE!
• Brett Keane was an atheist, pot-smoking individual at one point in his life.
• jackskepticeye prank called Brett Keane the video is online... Brett posted it.

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